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Where do you get your used equipment?

We depend on customers like you for all our quality used gear! Bring in the gear you no longer use and we’ll pay you on the spot. Then we can offer it to someone else who can use it…at a great value. Reuse. Recycle. Replay.

What type of sports gear do you buy?

We buy a wide variety of quality used sports and fitness gear. If a sport is played in our community and we have room for it, we buy it. Play It Again Sports stores do not buy or resell firearms of any sort.

How much will I get for my stuff?

That depends and several factors. We base our reselling prices on age, condition, brand, and market supply/demand for the items. Typically we will resell our used items for about 40-60% of what they would sell for new today. Then you would receive 25-50% of that amount depending on how you sell your equipment to us: Cash (company check), Trade (store credit), or Consignment.

Can I trade my old gear for new?

Sure you can. We can pay you on the spot for your items (company check), or you can receive 20-30% more value if you trade-in for new or used products in the store - that store credit is valid immediately or for one full year in our store.. Basically, you create your own discount by bringing in items to sell to us.

How long does it take for you to buy my sports gear?

It depends on how much and what type of product you bring in to sell. Most small buys can be processed in 10-15 minutes. It might take a little longer if you bring in a large quantity of items.

How do I get paid?

We can pay you on the spot (company check), or offer you a store credit for trade (valid immediately or for one full year in our store). We also will do consignment on select items if they resell for over $50. We usually resell our used items for about 40-60% of what they would sell for new today. You would receive 25-50% of that amount, depending on which selling method you choose.

Do you buy sports gear out of season?

Yes, we do buy most gear even in the off-season. Items that are brought in during or right before their respective season are more valuable to us and you will receive the best price for them during that timeframe. But we understand that you might be moving away, or just don't want to wait for next season. In that case, we will show you the "in-season" price as well as the "off-season" offer, and you can decide if it's worth it to wait.

Where do you get your new equipment?

We buy our new equipment directly from the manufacturers. All of our stores are individually owned, but we have the buying power of nearly 300 stores when we purchase new gear and top brands from the same vendors as our competitors. We can offer you the same competitive pricing on new products as the big box locations, with the same manufacturers' warranties, and we still give you the individual attention you expect from a locally owned business. Plus you can trade in your used gear towards the new equipment, to give yourself the best possible price.

Do you buy used equipment I bought somewhere else?

Sure we do! As long as it meets our buying criteria of brand, condition and demand we are happy to purchase it. That’s how we get such a great selection of quality used sports and fitness equipment!

What is the benefit of trading my gear for new gear versus taking a cash offer?

You will make 20-30% more than our "cash" offer if you choose the trade-in option and spend the money in our store. We always give you both options - either way, the choice is yours!

Do you only sell used sports equipment?

Actually about half the store is brand new product, and about half the store is quality used equipment. We have a selection of new items to fill in the gaps where we don’t get enough quality used equipment, and to satisfy the customers who would prefer new equipment at a good price. We are always looking for more used sports and fitness equipment so please bring your gear in today so we can make you an offer!

Are there warranties available on used product?

Most used product is sold in “as is” condition. We rely on our strict buying criteria to ensure that the product we buy is safe and current by today’s standards.

What hours do you buy used sports equipment?

We buy all day… every day… no appointment necessary!

Do you buy used athletic footwear, jerseys and clothing?

We do purchase used cleats in excellent condition, as well as used winter outerwear (jackets and snow pants) from top brand names. We also buy and sell hockey practice jerseys and socks, as well as local pro team jerseys. All items must be in excellent condition, clean/freshly laundered, and free from any stains, tears, or odors

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